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Civilian Jason Haines

Name Jason Haines

Position Civilian

Rank Civilian

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human (with some Fae heritage)
Age 24
Date of Birth 07/13/2368

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 188
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Jason is a decently handsome man. He stands 6’1” and is of a moderate muscular build. He has dark hair and grey eyes. His most striking facial feature is a two-inch scar that he received in a hover-car accident that killed his mom. He refuses to get the scar removed through dermal regeneration and even has a directive in his medical file stating not to remove it if he is in any other accident. He has a tattoo on his left bicep "Scientific Anomaly #1". When on duty he keeps his uniform in order. When off duty, he dresses in what-ever clothing is comfortable and appropriate.


Spouse none
Children None
Father LCDR. Robert Haines, deceased
Mother Doctor Aine O’Flaherty Haines, deceased
Sister(s) N'vara - 1/2 sister (Human/Romulan)
Other Family Uncle, Lcdr. Thomas Haines, retired. Aunt, Julia Haines, instructor, Starfleet Academy. Cousin, Angela Haines – singer

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jason is a friendly and out-going individual normally. He takes his job seriously and is a dedicated officer. He isn’t paranoid, but it takes some time to earn his trust. Once someone does, he is a very loyal friend and crew-mate. Something that most of his friends noticed is that he is constantly scanning a room and always sits facing room entrances.
Strengths & Weaknesses +He has a strong sense of tactics and strategy and is able to analyze situations quickly.

+ Temporal and dimensional mechanics.

+He is good at martial arts, swimming, scuba-diving, sailing, first aid, and 20th century guitar, especially the electric guitar.

+He is a pretty good small-craft pilot.

- Due to current events in his life, Jason is kind of unsure of himself and what he should be doing in-life. Now that both his parents are gone, he wonders if he has been doing what he really wanted or what they pushed him to do.
Ambitions Right now, Jason is unsure of his ambitions and is re-evaluating his life.
Hobbies & Interests Martial arts
Guitar playing
Parrises squares
Going out dancing
Languages Galactic Common, Andorian, some Vulcan

Personal History Jason is the son of two people who seemed like they never should be together. Opposites attract would be an understatement in his parents’ case. Their friends would have bet that tribbles would conquer the galaxy before betting that Rob and Aine would get together, let alone get married and have a child.

His mother was a doctor and a reluctant Starfleet Officer. She believed that Starfleet was a military organization before anything else. Neither she nor his father would speak of what got her to join Starfleet.

His father on the other hand came from a family with a long history of Starfleet officers all the way back to the 2150’s. His father almost didn’t become a Starfleet officer because he was a bit ‘un-focused’ according to him. His mother said it was because he was a screw up. All that said, his father did get his act together and was a good man serving in intelligence and black-ops units and fought in the Dominion war. He didn’t always do things by the book, but he did do a lot of good.

Growing up, Jason was exposed to both worlds. His mom taught him a lot of first aid skills as well as the arts and more refined elements of life. His father taught him a lot of tactical and martial arts related skills. He was never truly pressured to choose one path or the other, but he put a lot of pressure on himself to not disappoint either one of them.

When Jason was ten, he and his mom were in a hover-craft accident when the vehicle they were using had a break down and they crashed. His mother was hurt bad and despite all the first aid training his mother had given him, he couldn’t stop the bleeding and emergency crews didn’t show up in time to save her. He blamed himself for her death for the longest time. He still has nightmares of the event sometimes.

His father resigned from Starfleet and focused on Jason after his mother’s death. They moved to the Haines family home that they had to clean up and do some major work on. It turned to be one of a number of bonding moments they would have. Over the course of the years, his dad didn’t force any sort of expectation on Jason to join Starfleet. Still in the back of Jason’s mind was that he didn’t want to disappoint his dad.

When Jason was 17, Rob brought him to San Francisco to stay with family friends, one being an assistant Commandant of Starfleet Academy. All his father would say before he left was that he had to investigate something really important. He didn’t end up coming back and he was put on the MIA list.

Not having any other direction in life, Jason entered Starfleet Academy, passing the entrance with very high marks. It also didn’t help that he had received a recommendation from the Assistant Commandant. His first year he took basic core classes. After that he specialized in intelligence and minored in both command and security.

Although his high marks in his grades, (second only to a Vulcan science major) had a number of fleet divisions paying attention to him in his senior year, he caught the eye of temporal investigations by a couple of papers on trans-dimensional evidence collections and the fact that he almost beat the Kobayashi Maru with a creative use of the Picard maneuver. He had his ship two seconds away from returning to Federation space when there was a catastrophic warp drive ‘failure’. There were many cadets who were not pleased with the instructors that day.

In the debriefing the Temporal Investigations officer was impressed by his knowledge of how warp drives affected temporal flows, the use of the Picard maneuver, and Haines’ theories on trans-dimensional forensics. He was asked to join the Temporal Instigation unit and Jason accepted the invitation.

Out of academy, Jason spent his first year in Starfleet assigned to a research and training lab that gave him more formal training in temporal mechanics, detecting and measuring impacts of temporal anomalies as was as intentional tampering with time and space, both directly and indirectly (such as what Dr. Soren did).

He then spent a year on the USS Geneva, a ship assigned to temporal investigations. His primary role was an analyst, which was boring. One item that was not boring was that he was able to discover that there was a small group that had enlisted the aid of a Romulan scientist skilled in temporal mechanics. They were manipulating space time to infiltrate a number of instillations and stealing bio-mimetic gel. The ring was using the gel in an attempt to wipe out both the Klingon and Cardassian races. They couldn’t get their hands on the gel without the creative theft. The ring had a number of individuals who had once belonged to Section 31.

After his success in stopping the situation with the bio-mimetic gel, Jason was assigned to DS5 both as the Chief Intelligence officer and a temporal officer with instructions to learn as much about the planet Pangaea and the dimensional energies. He has instructions to contact TI under certain circumstances, but otherwise serve as a normal Chief of Intelligence.

Service Record 2386-2390: Starfleet Academy, graduated 2nd in his class
2390-2391: Temporal Investigations training and research lab (classified)
2391-2395: USS Geneva-Temporal Analyst (classified)
2395 - 2395: DS5, Chief Intelligence Officer (retired)
2395 - present Civilian

Theta Fleet Writer of the Month, January 2019

Starfleet Id [Admin Use Only]

Serial Number HM - 782 - 7001 - QKJ
Security Clearance Level 3
Duty Shift Alpha

Personal Data [Admin Use Only]

Quarters 29-12 North
Office Deck 19