Welcome to the DS5 Wiki

Welcome to the DS5 Wiki.

This is a work in progress to port over all the content from the old SMS site database, as well as new content for use both in and out of character. At the moment, categories are likely to look like this, and as information is brought across the links will go live.

  1. Overview
  2. Fleet Departments
    • Command
    • Flight Control
    • Strategic Operations
    • Security & Tactical
    • Operationsations/Communications
    • Engineering
    • Science
    • Medical & Counseling
    • Counseling
    • Intelligence
    • Diplomatic Detachment
    • Starfighter Wing
    • Marine Detachment
  3. Civilian Affairs
  4. Embassies
  5. Political Landscape
  6. Docked Ships
  7. Links