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Below is a summary of recent events on DS5, and represents what Starfleet PCs would be told about the station on being assigned there. Civilian characters are unlikely to know the details about individuals. The Emergence made Federation wide News, but the existence and nature of the Portals are classified information.

Command Summary

DS5 is a celestial class spacedock, constructed at the end of the Dominion War. As well as the internal space docks, there is also a further three construction cradles half an AU away, forming the Dyson repair yards, that provide full construction/reconstruction facilities above and beyond the repair facilities within Spacedock. Formally in deep space on the edge of Federation territory towards the galactic core, it is now within a small Star system in the same space (See below).

It has had a series of CO's over the last few years. In 2390 and early 2391 it was commanded by Tasha Tahir, She was superseded by the former Romulan Ambassador, Isha t'Vaurek as part of an experimental exchange program. When she was traumatized by the loss of her daughter during the Pangaea Emergence, and her XO, Commander Caden Aldrex resigned his commission due to a death in the family, the station was left in the hands of its 2XO, Commander Maritza Soran in early 2393

This unjoined Trill was assigned to the station after returning to active duty after serving on the Klingon Ship that rescued her when she was a POW onboard a Kzinti warship during the Kzinti war of 2391. Soran was recently promoted to the rank of Captain. (as of MD01 of Et In Arcadia Ego)

As well as maintaining its initial role as a supply and base station for exploration towards the Galactic Centre, and those seeking short passages to the gamma and delta quadrants, and those parts of the Beta quadrant not currently controlled by the Romulan Empire it is now tasked with the protection of the Pangaea Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Recent Events

In 2391, a temporal anomaly was observed near DS5, causing time slips. This was followed by a group of Romulan Pirates attacking the station, during which a computer, referred to as the Romulan Core, was discovered in the wreckage of the attacking ships.

Then, a group of terrorists boarded DS5, managing to take control of the entire station, looking for the Romulan Core, and to use the knowledge they found in it to try and change earth's history. Later that year the Chief Security officer of DS5, Dorian Gabriel was tried for Murder by a Romulan court, and found guilty. Unable to extradite him to Romulus, they accepted that Gabriel be stripped off his commission and dishonorably discharged from Starfleet

[2392 was largely timeskipped by previous management]

At the end of 2392 an unknown illness spread through the station, and was only countered by the hard work and dedication of the medical staff

In January 2393 an event occurred referred to as the Pangaea Emergence.

Cross dimensional beings calling themselves 'Fae' summoned an M class planet, its attendant main sequence yellow star, and a debris field made up of the remains of a second rocky planet. This forced DS5 to move suddenly, which caused a number of structural damages which are only now getting repaired.

Dominion over the planet was granted to 'The Ruler of DS5' by the leader of the 'Fae' in return for assisting with their struggle to return to their own dimension. Since the Fae left, with instructions that no one set foot on the small northern continent, several sites of importance have been discovered. There is the Hypogeum, on the small northern continent (an away mission that led to disaster not 100 yards in), The Spiral Castle, a near vanished ruined building in the shape of a two armed spiral galaxy, and the Portal Caves.

The Portal caves have been found to contain a series of portals not dissimilar to the Iconian gateways, except these have been known to transverse space, time, and reality. not necessarily all at the same time.

Substantial study has been made of the Portal Site but there are a number of unique atmospheric conditions which have made this work slow. It has been established that Pangaea is rich in many natural resources that are otherwise rare or too energy intensive to be worth replicating in bulk, and this has attracted many prospectors. Access to Pangaea has therefore been restricted to scientific personnel for the time being, though continued pressure from multiple governments for more general settlement has continued, and a current trial of wider settlement has just begun.

An early trip through one of the portals led to Cardassia during the Dominion war, and led the away team to end up being charged with War crimes twenty years later, after being grabbed by the Lissepians as proxies for the Cardassians. They escaped conviction by the intervention of the Romulan on the tribunal, who the Cardassians had been counting on to deliver the crucial guilty vote.

In March 2393, DS5 was selected as the site of a war games exercising featuring an experimental new weapons and shielding system, a point singularity canon and gravitational wall shielding. Several large ships took part, only for the crew of the test vessel Svikiri to turn rogue, turning their weapons on the small cardassian fleet that had gathered nearby, destroying two vessels before they fled. The crew of DS9 boarded the ship, meaning to arrest the crew. They choose suicide rather than be taken alive. They claimed allegiance to a pro-human terrorist group.

In May 2393 the Romulan Core activated when it received a signal from Pangaea. It was managing to pick up transmission from through a portal. Shortly after, a group of freedom fighters fell through the portal on to Pangaea from an alternate timeline. They were escaping a death squad sent after them by the Vulcan Commonwealth, which was a very different entity in their universe. There the peace of Sarek had never happened, the Romulans never split off and the Vulcans turned their violent impulses on the Alpha quadrant. In attempting to help the Freedom fighters get home safely, the Chief Scientist was kidnapped by one of the Vulcan officers who followed the Freedom fighters, and suffered greatly at his hands

On top of this there has been a long simmering unrest between a pro-human group of civilians, centered on the Promenade establishment, the Dilithium Chamber. There have been several murders, possibly tit for tat, raising the specter that humans have started to resort to murder.

Also in April 2393, a major source of Dilithium the Xi'cadian system, ceded from the Federation under influence from the Cardassians. This prompted a shortage of Dilithium that has been resolved, though resupply will take a few weeks to return.

In February 94, after many months of calm. There was a catastrophic failure of all power systems, every single system connected to the EPS failed. This was due to a crystalline substance that seemed to be attracted to heat, and energy, though too much heat did render it inert.

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