The Promenade

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The Promenade of DS5 is divided into 2 Sections. What most people think of as the Promenade, and most similar to the promenade seen in DS9 is actually the Upper Promenade. This acts as the equivalent of the City Centre/ Down Town/ Main Street area of the Station, being a place to shop and eat and find a variety of entertainments.

The Main Promenade is 100 decks of (mostly) civilian business and services, and is sometimes referred to as the Square Mile (A reference to the finacial centre of London).

For clarity, references to the Promenade assume the Upper Promenade, whereas the Main Promenade is referred to as the Square Mile. (For the Square Mile Deck listing, see [[here]])

(Upper) Promenade Deck Listing

The Upper Promenade consists of 4 levels and each has been measured to be 750 metres across by 600 metres wide. Each level is arranged around a central services core, which is surrounded by an open area all the way from Level 4 to Level 1, which itself is surrounded by a public gantry.

Each sector is quartered into 4 zones, North, South, East & West and can house nearly 300 allocations per quarter. The stores, shops, cafes and bars are accessible from the gantry or from the central turbo lifts.

Deck 141/Level 1

The Observation Platforms are on this deck, one at each compass point. This is where the core commercial sector shops and areas are based, and for trendy shops as well as a variety of larger 'department store' operations. The main administrations office is at the central core of this level.

{Observation Lounges – At each compass point with non alcoholic bars and for a small fee, can be made gravity free} (NSWE suites 125-150)

A List (1N 44-60) AKA, The officers club or more widely known as the ‘Lounge’. As you step off the main turbo lift, the A list is the first place you see as the doors open. It is light and airy and has a welcoming fell as soon as you enter. The walls and floors are glass and you have a birds eye view across the station. A List, was originally planned to be the Officers recreational lounge, but it was changed at the last minute and had bars and leather seating to become a café and diner bar all in one. It is one of the more popular destinations for the officers to ‘relax’.

Benny’s (1S 23) A small inter-station delivery service. Anything from a letter to large parcel. If you need it delivered, call on Benny’s with an all night service also available.

Connoisseurs (1E 2-3) This shop has a collection of finer beverages, garnishes, sauces, and hors d'oeuvres from all over the Alpha Quadrant. They also do special orders and supply beverages for a number of eateries and bars in the Station.

FNN {Sector Station} (1N 89-101) The central news gathering and station broadcast service. All the news is dispatched from here.

Kriosian liner Company (1W 1-7) This is a travel agency catering to travel on Starliners from the major personal travel and entertainment routes. Several of these have just established routes to and from Deep Space Five, and are eager to get more people signed aboard them.

Promenade Central Administration (1Central) Run by UFP Colonial Administration, this office suite contains both the commercial offices for the Promenade itself, and the control and command areas of sectors activities, as well as the cargo management staff for all Starbase Cargo that is not related to Starfleet activities. You go here to arrange commercial licenses, permits, and to lease or purchase space on the Promenade, or in the cargo areas on other decks.

Personal Arms, Inc. (1N 191-193) A major interplanetary dealer in modern hand to hand combat weapons and equipment for martial artists.

Q’uit (1S 1 -5) This Klingon bar offers the latest in gambling, holosuite battles and one even has a ‘Kronos’ simulation. All your favourite poisons are readily available. It has been rumoured to have illicit dealings and many of the stations' scum come trading in here.

REDO (1W 188) This place offers specialized surgery for changing one's physical attributes and appearance. They are part of a chain of such places that have frequently been under investigation as the means whereby some prominent criminal suspects may have disappeared from the authorities' monitoring of them.

Weiltzer Freight Corps (1W 12-15) This is the latest freighter company to move into DS5. They will take any cargo for any price. Johan Weiltzer is currently looking to open trade routes to other stations and sectors throughout the quadrant and if he is lucky, beyond.

Deck 142/Level 2

Level 2 is set up for location of those establishments that provide more personal services, though a mixture of other businesses will be located here, also. The public replimat is located on this level as well as the “Holosuites”, numbering at 250 and a promenade security office.

Public Holo-suites 2N-125-250 and 2S 125-250

A Buddy for U (2S 77) This is a recruiting agency for personal security services, hiring both bodyguards and mercenaries for short and long term contracts. Run by a 'little old lady from Orion'.

The Plaice to Be (1N 33) A seafood restaurant offering dishes made from anything that comes from the water, but preferably, the Oceans of the Universe. The Chef / owner, Lani Corven, has found her own niche on this level and is enjoyed by all races.

Anatoles D’Ors Houvre (2W 133/34) Mr Anatole is a traditional French restaurateur, but he has put together a repartee of finer foods from around the galaxy. The man himself has fingers in many pies and will not turn away a chance to have a quality sample come through his back door and turn it into a wonderful palatable meal. Be aware, that the portions are meagre and the prices are extortionate!

The Box of Delights (2S 114/126) Yolanthe Ibalin runs what is basically a casino bar and lounge across three floors, featuring holosuites, a large holodeck for hire, and many gaming tables. There is live entertainment and hundreds of real (never replicated!) drinks from all over the quadrant. Neither the genuine gambling or the virtual trollops have any limits.

Burt-Wards Department Store and Catalogue Orders (2E 102-110) This huge store is part of the Burt-Ward chain of such stores. It is a good place to go for general shopping needs. They tend to have 'specials days' - watch out for the incredible prices and displays on Batmania day!

D'Rama (2E 165) This is a shop specializing in Klingon literature and the supplies and equipment needed for Klingon performing arts. They have dispensation to acquire and sell non-ranged weapons as part of their services.

Darcies (2S 91) Darcies dancing school. Here you can pirouette to your hearts content. Dance like a disco Diva or just jive. Training is by the hour, per the hour and you will dance yourself dizzy.

Promenade Main Security Depot (2 Central) This is the main security services depot for the Promenade. It has a charge desk, offices and facilities for security services police unit, and for a small detective squad. Holding facilities for short term holding of accused are located here. Gambroni's Costumes and Tailoring (2E 112) Paul Gambroni, whose huge family has been in this business since Terra of the 20th century, is able to make, find or create any kind of costume or mask that any species may desire. Using only the finest materials, Gambroni's is found on the more discerning Starbases all over the UFP.

King McDonalds (2W 54/5) A customary Terran fast food chain, founded in the late 20th Century by Ray Kroc and despite taking over its biggest rival, is still going strong.

Lickspittles (2W 166-168) Children' pizza and stuff. Named for the ever popular cartoon series. This is a chain, located almost everywhere.

Quality Personal Comm (2S 111) Owned and managed by Mr Swan. This shop sells personal communication and computing equipment and software. Styles range from bullhorns to earbugs, and even personal implant communicators. They do not sell military grade equipment.

Stein's Kosher Delicatessen (2E 52) The Steins have been running Delis at border stations for almost 200 years. The quality is excellent, and the service superb.

Cult Coffee (2E 163) This small bookstore (real books!) and coffeehouse is run by a retired professor from Miskatonic University on Terra. Prof. Vince Price is a former novelist and occultist, with a fine way of telling a rousing horror story. His twice-weekly story nights are renowned upon Deep Space Five. Fright Nights, at midnight Saturday, are by invitation only.

Deck 143/Level 3

Level 3 has many of the features expected in your normal “Mall”. Smaller specialist shops and casual eateries having many eating, recreational and entertainment establishments, as well as specialty shops and some of the smaller offices for merchant and trade operations. The central warehouse and distributions are set upon this level.

Acme Importers (3S 93-99) This huge wholesaler can find you just about anything. Just be sure that you know how you plan to use it. "We supply the Universe!"

Crab Shack (3W 131) One of the first eating establishments on the Starbase, it specializes in Terran, Vulcan and Klingon oceanic crustaceans.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (3W 132) This is an experiment, by proprietor Professor Adam Pitchinski, head of Holographic Novels Inc. He wants to see if there is a market for short term, local rental of 'holo-people'. Since there is some possibility of danger in this, he is being closely watched by both legal and medical personnel from Starfleet. He is on a short lease of 6 months and if he can obtain the relevant permits and insurance, he will open for public business.

Joe's Chilli and Hot Stuff (3W 134) A breakfast and 'TexMex' eatery, in the 20th century all-hours diner motif. Frequented by number of members of the media. Also a favoured place for merchant officers to gather for trading stories as they prepare to leave the Starbase.

Universal Relaxation (3E 92) Massage therapy from the fingertips of Rigel Seven. Let the heavenly men and women of Rigel seven massage away the stresses of the day.

Unique Antiques (3E 93-94) A little bit of everything in one place. Antiques from all over the universe for the collect both experienced and beginner. Unique Antiques has one of a kind pieces that are sure to please. Owned and run but Atlana Durak, a knowledgeable antique dealer Atlana has connections on many different planets and knows how to trade more then just antiques.

Holosuite Photo Studio (3E 95-97) Get your pictures taken anywhere without leaving the starbase! Romulus, A Klingon cruiser... Earth? 20th century! 18th century. Dress up, dress down! Get those old fashion hand held photographs complete with frame. Remember your visit to SB DS5 or tell a little white lie and swear you were somewhere else!

King Import-Export (3S 93) Rich King retired from Colonial Administration at 52, and is now running this shop, and leasing warehouse space as needed. He is a middleman for those who want to make quick sales and quick cargo acquisitions. He is aided by his wife and kids, and by his cousin and her family. They also offer free pastries and tea - note that the typical King is rather stout.

O’Reilleys (3S 192) This out of the way place is considered to be a fine spot for swapping tall tales and telling puns. Run by an old Irishman, who never allows things to get too far out of hand, a lot of odd ducks and old spacers end up becoming regulars here.

Promenade Services Area (3 Central) This area houses the main distribution point for all the shops, stores and cafes upon the station. It also contains the life support, backup power systems, and the control areas for maintenance and engineering services to the Promenade areas. It includes the Promenade Dump, the Recycling Centre, and the Cleaning Services Offices.

Social Chronotron Services (3S 103) This is a group of persons devoted re-creation and play in 'spaces, places, and time as they should have been'. They offer a variety of training experiences in innovative Recreationism, and have several small training and holo suites.

Some Enchanted Evening (3S 150) This shop makes finely tailored clothing for special events. It uses the finest technologies and the finest tailors (though most admit that the Gambroni's are better - but they stay out of this market). They are used to rapid turnaround (2 days or less).

XO-Tech Pets (3W 5) This pet shop sells both real pets and simulacra. Their ads say, "and if your pet got lost in the disposal, just bring us your holovids and biotapes, and we can create a copy your child will still be able to love!"

The Dilithium Chamber (3N 25) The Dilithium Chamber is a bar and club owned by the Raddon Corporation to offer a home a way from home for the station's Terran population.

Deck 144/Level 4

Here are the “Green Areas. There is a small paddling lake and picnic areas and benches. There is an array of grasses and trees and botanical plants. On this level is the Auxiliary Sickbays, 1-3

Delectation (4W 207) For all your personnel hobbies and interests, from toys to starship models and portable music players to a grand piano. If you are looking for that recreational object, they are your first port of call.

Grandscapes (4S 34-40) The largest chain for all things Flora & Fauna. They have stores throughout the galaxy on each and every station. In fact, it is through their support that this deck is what it is, a botanic garden of beauty and wonder. Every plant, shrub and tree has been supplied by Grandscapes.

Jalanda (4E 88-90) A supplier of Bajoran fine foods and local fare.

Kendra Valley (4E 4-12) The most popular destination for the Bajorans on board. With its central location on the fourth level, it houses its own temple for worshipping the ‘Prophets’. It has a large dining area and was the first of the Bajoran stores to be set up. The owner, Vedek Taleil, has worked long and hard and is respected by all the personnel on the station. The area around has become known as “Bajor Minor” due to the number of Bajoran retailers on Level 4.

King Gardens (4W 140-155) One of Rich Kings smaller outlets. He enjoyed his horticulture so much, he bought the original company and took it as his own. Here you will find the flowers and shrubbery from his wide travels of the sector and all reasonably priced too.

La Panini’s (4S 116/7) A taste of Italian Cuisine. If you want a Pizza, Lasagne, Black Pepper Teralli, Panzanella or if you want to sample the speciality, Chicken Scarpariello, then Panini’s is the restaurant of choice.

Lasuma (4E 76-83) Another Bajoran establishment that supplies clothing to the highest order using only the finest imported material. The owner has been ‘Arrested’ on a number of occasions for fraudulently obtaining materials.

Prophets (4E 101) As the name suggests, here you will find all you need to separate your spirit for the divine worship of the Bajoran Prophets. Here again, is another Temple, built for worship.

The Jockey Wheel (4S 44) A typical sports bar with paraphernalia from the worlds of sport adorn the walls. From Baseball heroes to the Klingon Batleth championships of 2327. Football Stars portraits adorn the walls along side Parisi Squares champions and Basketball heroes. If you like to be watched by the superstars of yesteryear, relax in here.