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Providence: Save Me A Seat

Posted on Sat Mar 2, 2024 @ 4:55pm by Lieutenant JG Liam Blackwood
Edited on on Mon Mar 4, 2024 @ 9:24pm

Mission: Things Past
Location: USS Providence
Timeline: 70 Days Prior to 'Tergum In Tempus' MD 01
Tags: Providence


# The events in this post occur aboard the USS Providence, the vessel where Liam Blackwood served before his assignment to Deep Space 5.
# Approximate Timeline: 70 Days Prior to 'Tergum In Tempus' MD 01

[USS Providence]

“Lieutenant Blackwood, report to Captain’s ready room.”

“On my way.” Liam responded.

As he wrapped up the files he had been working on and tidied his workspace, he recalled his previous visit to the captain’s ready room. It had been right after he came aboard, assigned to his first mission: aiding in a first contact endeavor. It felt like living a dream – being among the first to encounter a new civilization. It was a privilege and an honor.

Yet, the dream swiftly turned into a nightmare when his enthusiasm and lack of experience led to an unfortunate situation, nearly derailing the entire mission. Soon after his return to the ship, he was summoned to the captain’s ready room.

Captain Reynolds’ displeasure was evident, yet she remained composed and collected. She listened to his account of the events, providing guidance and ultimately informed him of his removal from the mission. It proved to be a difficult lesson for him to absorb, and in the end, he found himself being far more critical of his own performance than his captain had been.

His thoughts returned to the present moment as he rode the turbolift towards the bridge. Why had he been called to see the captain? Lieutenant Bostic, his immediate supervisor, hadn’t provided any hints. Maybe, she didn’t know either.

The turbolift doors slid open, and Liam stepped out, striding towards the door. Standing in front of the door he drew in a deep breath, exhaled slowly as he reached out ring the doorbell. He waited patiently to be summoned inside. Waiting there, he remembered a time when he was sent to the principal’s office, despite not having done anything wrong. It was good news. He had received an award. Yet, the mere thought of being summed to the principal’s office induced a sickening feeling in his stomach.

As he stood there, reminiscing and chuckling about his visit to the principle’s office, the door opened. “Come in, Lieutenant.” Captain Reynolds invited him in. “Something amusing, Lieutenant?” She inquired.

Realizing how foolish he looked, shook his head. “No ma’am.” He replied walking into the ready room. The doors closed behind him.

Captain Reynolds was sitting behind her desk. She was of Hispanic heritage. She possessed a dignified presence with long, dark hair cascading gracefully around her shoulders. Her warm brown eyes reflected a calm and composed demeanor. She exuded professionalism and authority.

“Are you certain?” she asked, shifting her attention from her computer to him. Motioning towards an empty chair.

Liam settled into a seat, shifting slightly as he tried to find comfort. Part of him was preoccupied with the decision of whether to explain why he had been laughing outside her door. It felt like being caught with his hand in a cookie jar, unsure whether to offer an excuse. He opted for honesty.

“I recalled a memory about my childhood.” He began. “I remember being called to the principal’s office. My stomach filled with worry; even though I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong. That’s how I felt standing in front of your door, ma’am.” He wondered how she would react.

“I hear that often, Lieutenant,” she remarked. “My mother always believed I should have pursued a career in education rather than Starfleet.”

Reaching forward, she picked up a PADD from her desk. “Don’t worry, you haven’t done anything wrong,” she assured, extending the PADD toward him.

Accepting the PADD, Liam found it contained transfer orders. He was reassigned from USS Providence to Deep Space 5, assuming the role of Assistant Chief Science Officer.

"Congratulations, Lieutenant," Captain Reynolds congratulated, rising from her seat, and circling her desk. Extending her hand towards him, she continued, "I hate to see you go, but you've earned it. Your contributions aboard the Providence have been exceptional, and I'm confident you'll excel in your new role."

Liam rose to his feet and shook her hand. He grappled with a mix of emotions. Excitement and happiness, yet there was sadness knowing he was departing the place he had grown to call home. “Thank you,” he managed to say.

"You'll be with us for a couple more weeks, so no slacking now," she quipped with a playful tone.

"Absolutely not," he replied, still finding it difficult to believe that he was being transferred. “Does Lieutenant Bostic know?” he inquired.

Captain Reynolds nodded. "She does," she confirmed, returning to her seat. "In fact, it was her suggestion that I inform you. She sensed you might feel apprehensive about visiting the ready room."

"Of course," Liam mumbled under his breath, before catching himself, aware of the potential unprofessionalism. "Thank you, ma'am," he added.

"No need to thank me, Lieutenant. You are an excellent officer, and you deserve this," she remarked, taking her seat. "And please, go easy on Lieutenant Bostic. She means well."

“I will, ma’am,” he replied, taking that he was dismissed, he made his way towards the door, his mind swirling with thoughts of the unexpected turn of events.

“Oh, Lieutenant,” Captain Reynolds called out to him.

“Yes, ma’am,” he responded, turning his head back towards her.

“Make sure to save me a seat at your going-away party,” she said with a smile before returning her attention to her computer.

“I will, ma’am,” he replied with a smile of his own, before exiting the ready room.


Captain Elena Reynolds
USS Providence

Lieutenant JG Liam Blackwood
Science Officer
USS Providence


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