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Commander N'Evran

Name N'Evran

Position Executive Officer: Head of Station Operations

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 58
Date of Birth 7/15/2339

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 180
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description N’Evran is a pretty good-looking Vulcan with a semi-muscular build. He has black eyes that look about all the time, yet somehow make anyone he is talking to feel like they are the only individual in the world. He is almost always smiling.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Sauk, Researcher Stellar Physics
Mother T’mai, Instructor Vulcan Science Academy
Brother(s) V’larross, Sector Director Chemistry, Daystrom Institute
Sister(s) T’roth, Chief Science Officer, USS Archimedes

Personality & Traits

General Overview N’Evran is a very friendly individual and always willing to help someone. He tends to flirt with women without even realize he is doing it. He is open and approachable and will often end up listening to total strangers for a length of time.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Intelligent
+Sociable and not afraid to show emotions
+Double major graduate from Academy both in CONN and Strategic Operations
+Excellent tactician

-Sometimes talks too much
-Often gets nose bleeds after using the transporter. Doctors have not been able to figure out why, but believe it is because of nasal damage when he was lost in the desert.
-Although he is intelligent and can be very logical, he has not embraced the following of Kolinahr and most Vulcans avoid him after he shows that side of him, even after learning of the reasons why. Even his family is distant with him.
Ambitions N’Evran wants to be a good officer no matter what profession he follows, perhaps even being a starship captain. He wants to enjoy the people around him and experience as much as he can. At some point he wants to settle down and have a family. And a really deep seated part of him wants to be accepted by fellow Vulcans.
Hobbies & Interests Music, 3-d chess, parisses squares, card games, historical military battles/campaigns, botany (having grown up on the desert planet of Vulcan, and not having much flora to see, he is fascinated with all plant life from a purely observational point of view. He often spends time in arboretums.)
Languages Vulcan, Andorian, Galactic Standard, Cardassian, some Romulan

Personal History N’Evran started his life named S’tahl. And he experienced what other young Vulcans did; intellectual pursuits and a push towards achieving total control of one’s emotions, and a full embrace of logic. N’evran started to master this easily as he was born with a keen intellect. This all changed when he was thirteen.
One day, while conducting an experiment of sorts, N’evran got lost in the Vulcan’s Forge. Before he could find shelter he was caught in a sand storm. He wandered for days after and despite his Vulcan physiology, he succumbed to the heat.

He was found by a search party and after two weeks, he awoke in a hospital. Given the dehydration and the heat stroke he endured, N’evran sustained brain damage. Although he was still remarkably smart by most races’ standards in the universe, compared to other Vulcans, he was no longer considered intellectually exceptional. In addition to that he lost the ability to achieve the same level of control of his emotions as other Vulcans and finally embraced that side of himself. Although he can do a nerve pinch because he knew how to do it before the damage, he will never be able to do a mind meld.

All of this made him an ‘outcast’ in Vulcan society. Although his family didn’t disown him, it was obvious that he was the black-sheep of the family. Other Vulcans his age avoided him. And although he wanted to attend the Vulcan Science Academy, it was politely suggested that he follow other pursuits before his application was even read. He applied to and was accepted into Starfleet Academy. Before he went, given what he had gone through, he officially changed his name to N’Evran, meaning, seed of the desert thunder wind.

In academy he excelled and rebelled. Instead of following traditional Vulcan roles such as sciences, he pursued strategic operations and found the study of tactics and historical battles fascinating. Given that he found himself very bored the first semester, starting the second semester he double majored adding flight control to his majors. He was also able to beat the Kobayashi Maru test his senior year. His instructors, although impressed, noted in his final assessment that the casualty rate was higher than what would be acceptable to be considered a successful mission.

Even in Academy though, Vulcans didn’t like to associate with him, given his illogical displays of emotions at times, N’Evran decided to fully embrace his emotions and soon found a form of freedom and enjoyed the experiences, even having dated non-exclusively.
Service Record 2345-2349: Starfleet Academy, CONN/Strategic Operations

2349-2360: Test pilot /CONN Officer – Beta Antares Shipyard.
No major events occurred during his time at the shipyard. He did however learn about many different ship types and their inner workings.

2360-2369: USS Landry, Assistant Chief CONN Officer
The USS Landry, a Miranda class vessel, did a number of patrols runs near DS-9. It had a number of tense confrontations with the Cardassians. To this date N’Evran does not care for the Cardassians.

2369-2375: Chief CONN Officer, USS Andover
Right before the Dominion war, N’Evran became the Chief CONN Officer of the Andover. The ship saw a number of battles during the war and towards the end had to be decommissioned. During this time he grew more familiar with Cardassian tactics.

2375-2376: Starfleet Academy, Basic Command School
N’Evran took his first steps to Captaincy entering command school, which also included teaching cadets military history and its strategic applications.

2376-2385: Assistant Chief of Strategic Operations, USS Miranda
The time aboard the Miranda was rater quiet, but N’Evran did show greater interest in the command track.

2385-2386: Advanced Command School
N’Evran graduated top of his class and was the proctor aboard a cadet cruise.

2386-2396: Chief Strategic Operations Officer/2nd Officer, Executive Officer, USS Lancelot
The Lancelot was sent to the Klingon-Romulan border. In one fight the XO was badly injured and resigned from Starfleet and N’Evran was promoted to the executive officer position. His posting was short-lived as the Lancelot was decommissioned.

2396-present: XO, DS5
Given his familiarity with Cardassian tactics, during the time of the standoff between the Cardassians and Starfleet, he was brought to the front lines to provide strategic input. He would later be assigned to DS5 as her XO.

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