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The Crown of Failure

Posted on Wed Mar 20, 2024 @ 9:39pm by Captain Maritza Soran & Civilian 'Key Holder' Dorian Gabriel

Mission: Tergum In Tempus
Location: Earth
Timeline: Office of the President

OOC: I think this is a good follow-up to the fallout over the loss of DS5 and the after-effects.

It was not everyday that a member of the Federation Security Council made his way to the Office of the President of the United Federation of Planet's unannounced. However, today was not an ordinary day. The Federation Security Council was made up of 13 councilors. 5 from the five founding planets of the UFP (Earth, Vulcan, Tellar, Andor, and Alpha Centauri) while the remaining 8 were nominated by the President and confirmed to the committee by the full Council on a case-by-case basis.

The FSC was had the constitutional authority to appoint Special Commissioners to deal with matters related to internal and external security threats. During emergency situations, the Special Commissioners were given considerable latitude and powers to accomplish their designated objectives. Councilmen Suban had been appointed to oversee the situation involving X'Cadia. However, what was simply a situation involving strictly diplomacy into the President's personal vendetta. . .a vendetta that had cost the lives of thousands.

"I'm here to see President Trel." The Councilmen said to the individual standing before him.

"You're not on today's agenda, sir." The guard said placidly.

"I didn't come all the way over her just so I could hear what was on her agenda for the day." The Betazoid said angrily. "Now tell the President that I am here to see her and only her or else I will have you working in the mailroom by sunrise." He said, referencing the ancient Human activity of physically mailing pieces of paper to one another long before subspace communication had been created.

The guard remained impassive, looked Suban up and down, and then touched his communicator. "Councillor Suban would like to speak to the president." There was no audible reply for a moment. Then the guard said, "Stand back please sir."

Councilor Suban took a step back and waited as the guard came from around his post and made his way past him.

The guard stepped to the left himself, and the doors he stood in front of parted, and the President, and various other functionaries swept out. "Good morning, Councillor." Trel smiled at him, "It will have to be a walk and talk I'm afraid. I've got a lunch with the Dyson Laureates in Sydney in half an hour. She gestured for him to join the gaggle around her, the Chief of staff giving him a dirty look even as the Hekaran stood aside to make space.

The Betazoid had not come here in hopes of being "gifted" a piece of the President's time. He came to her office because he was entitled to her complete attention.

"I told you and your entire Cabinet that this was going to happen!" Councilor Suban said as he saw the President and her gaggle walking towards him. "Now the blood of over 50,000 individuals cover your hands." He said as he raised his padd and shoved it into the hands of her Chief of Staff as the gaggle passed by him.

"This House has no Confidence in the President's Government" The Councilor said. "I will be calling for a vote of No-Confidence against you and calling for a new round of elections to effectively dissolve your Cabinet." He said.

Trel gave him a friendly smile. "Thank you, Councilor. I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to inform me in person. I know you're very busy."

"I am quite busy." He responded. "I have several funerals to attend as a result of your misadventures. If I didn't know how utterly incompetent you and your Cabinet were, I'd have no choice but to believe that you intended for this mission to end as badly as it did." He said bitterly.

Trel didn't skip a beat, "You say such sweet things, Councilor. If I didn't know you'd never try and capitalise on the the suffering of our citizens and make a drama out of a crisis, I'd think you were trying to make those graves you're going to visit into soapboxes like some common rabble rouser who knows he doesn't have the votes."

". . .we'll find out, soon enough..." He said under his breathe as the President walked away with her staff.

Councilor Treneer Suban - Betazed
Federation Security Council
NPC - Thom

President Trel
President of the United Federation of Planets
NPC - Soran


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