Tergum In Tempus

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Mission Info

Status Current Mission
Mission Group Main Mission
Start Date Wed Nov 8, 2023 @ 10:23pm
End Date Mon Jan 1, 2024 @ 10:23pm

Mission Summary

The ruins of the once majestic Deep Space Five have plunged to the surface of Pangaea. The science research center and civilian colony had been replaced by a large crater caused by falling debris. Hundreds of acres of forest had been laid waste. Here and there, fires still burn. Legate Turvan has been captured by the Klingons, whilst Captain Soran is held by the Cardassians.

As the survivors of the battle that embroiled Deep Space Five (on all sides) try make sense of what happened, they soon find reality starting to dissolve around them. All looks dark until someone has a cunning plan. Kirk did it. Cisco did it. Picard did it. And there's hundreds of doors through time on Pangaea. It wouldn't take much to go back and prevent the whole mess. What could possible go wrong?