Doors of Perception

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Mission Info

Status Completed Mission
Description The Cardassian fleet has withdrawn, and the Svikiri has been taken back by Federation Command. All that is left is the wreckage of lives lost. Life aboard DS5 is slowly moving on, and with the colony on Pangaea is ready to be formally opened. However, the crew of DS5 are about to find something out about the portals beneath their feet. Doors go both ways.
Mission Group Main Mission
Start Date Thu Oct 18, 2018 @ 10:05pm
End Date Sun Feb 2, 2020 @ 10:05pm

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Newcomers Brief
by Lieutenant Annora Tessaro
MD 09 11:00 hrs Security Offices
Dr Livingstone I presume? Part 1
by Civilian Opal Oliver (Deceased) Dr & Lieutenant Elleese Elloyia
old mission day 11 Counsellor's Offices
On The Run (Part II of
by Captain Maritza Soran & Civilian 'Arrival' Geral Lasuma & Lieutenant Annora Tessaro & Charghwl'IH of the House of Soval & Civilian Dorian Torel
MD15 1400 Various
On the run (Part I)
by Captain Maritza Soran & Civilian 'Arrival' Geral Lasuma & Lieutenant Annora Tessaro & Charghwl'IH of the House of Soval & Civilian Dorian Torel
MD 15 1400 Various, DS5
Lost and Alone
by Lieutenant Alanna Wells
Backpost after We Regret to Inform You DS5 and Pangaea
Let's Play Operation - Part 1
by Lieutenant Commander River Morgan & Gunnery Sergeant Terry Henderson
MD12 Mid-day? Deep Space Five Sickbay
We Regret to Inform You
by Captain Maritza Soran & Lieutenant Alanna Wells
MD 150 Commander Soran's Office
Going Up?
by Captain Maritza Soran & Captain Lazanos Torena
MD 01 1200 Commander Soran's Office
Elementary, Dear Commander
by Captain Maritza Soran & Lieutenant JG Erich Hartmann & Lieutenant Si'Lar Trellis
MD 14 1500 Chief Operations Officers office, Deck 13
Three as One
by Captain Maritza Soran & Charghwl'IH of the House of Soval & Miral Annhwi
MD 16, 1130 OPS meeting room
Strange Seeing You Here
by Lieutenant JG Natalie Cross & Civilian Jason Haines
MD 62 Deep Space 5, Promenade
Where Do We Go From Here
by Lieutenant JG Scaliontis Lovok & Lieutenant Kivan Ta'Gas
SD 17 1730 DS5 - Main Engineering / Dyson Repair Yards
Dead Man's Shoes
by Captain Maritza Soran & Lieutenant JG Natalie Cross
MD62 11:30 Commander Soran's Office
Meeting Daddy
by Civilian Jason Haines & Lieutenant Alanna Wells
MD 63 Promenade
Holonovel, Chapter 5 (Part 3)
by Commander Caleb Ryan & Civilian Opal Oliver (Deceased) Dr
MD10 2030 Holodeck 3
On Approach to DS5
by Lieutenant JG Natalie Cross
MD61 Runabout
So, You're Dating a Serial Killer, Or How to Help a Silly Science Officer See Sense
by Lieutenant Alanna Wells & Commander Caleb Ryan
MD 16 - 1000 hours Gino's
Consolation Prize?
by Captain Maritza Soran & Lieutenant Alanna Wells
MD38 1045 OPS
The Law of Attraction
by Lieutenant JG Erich Hartmann & Lieutenant JG Brianthe Oaxaca
MD16 1600 hours Arboretum/Hartmann's Quarters
Friend with Benefits [15+ Sexual Content]
by Civilian 'Key Holder' Yolanthe Ibalin & Civilian Dorian Torel
MD16 2100 The Box of Delights Holodeck
A New Sunrise
by Civilian 'Key Holder' Yolanthe Ibalin & Lieutenant Elleese Elloyia
MD15 2000 The Box of Delights
Make It A Double
by Civilian Jason Haines & Civilian 'Key Holder' Yolanthe Ibalin
MD 16, 1130 The Box
by Captain Maritza Soran & Lieutenant Alanna Wells
MD27 0900 DS5 Command
Treating the Wounded
by Civilian Jason Haines & Gunnery Sergeant Terry Henderson & Commander Amia Telamon M.D. & Lieutenant Alanna Wells & Lieutenant Commander River Morgan
MD11 2300? Sickbay
Checking Out the Damage
by Ensign Calaban Bel-Asher & Lieutenant Alanna Wells
MD24 1030 Pangaea Portal Complex

Mission Summary

Mission Timeline

MD01 = 9th May 2393

  • MD 01 -> MD 03: Colony opening
    • MD 01: Colony Opening ceremony is sabotaged by unknown perpetrator
    • MD02: Commander Ryan punches a reporter
    • MD02: Security hunting the sabateur uncover an ancient mass grave in the grounds of the Spiral Castle
    • MD02: The Romulan Core, long formant, start recevieng an alien signal

  • MD 04 -> MD 08: Colonisation continues
    • MD04 : A group of aliens comes through a portal from another reality
    • MD05: Raddoncorps secret experimental facility explodes

  • MD09 -> MD12: Colonisation continues
    • Authorities from the alternate reality arrive, to arrest their terrorist suspects

  • MD13 Onwards : Colonisation continues

*Green Denotes In Progress and available for posting.

Joint Colony Map:
Pangaea Colony Phase 1

Pangaea Notes

Visiting Pangaea
The Portal Cavern Complex and the Temple cavern complex are both restricted sites. The second, smaller continent is also off limits. If you want to explore these sites you must notify the command team before writing.

The main cross faction settlement is based around the ruins of a castle laid out in the fashion of a spiral armed galaxy, about 500km north west of the Portal Cavern.The actuall Spiral castle is a set of ruins now only waist high stone walls in the shape of a two arm spiral galaxy about 600m from tip to tip the colony has been set up about 1km from the ruins, on the line between the ruins and the the portal complex

With all the basic infrastructure in place, various research groups could apply for some buildings. these have been put up, and the colony has a basic layout of a central square, surrounded by communal service buildings, and then a grid of three streets,, to make a small 9 block camp, like a noughts and crosses board. Starfleet Has taken the top 3 camp, with several shelters given to bunk space, science labs and engineering facilities Just to the north is the Shuttle pad

The left and right centre blocks are for the ferengi and cardassians respectively, and the bottom three blocks have been given over to other groups. Structures are currently semi-temporary - similar to those seen in voyager.

The rules for the colony have been set down and they outline that the colony is designed as a scientific and research outpost, overseen by the DS5 head of science, for exploration of the southern continent. Its not supposed to be a commercial endeavour. The warning against beaming is still in effect. (atmospheric anomalies can make this very dangerous, always scan for good conditions before beaming, and where possible use shuttles rather than beaming.

These are IC rules, therefore you do not necessarily have to follow them, and consequences for breaking them and getting caught are also purely IC