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Pangaea (Wrap up)

Post Count: 496

Following an unprecedented astronomical event that saw a complete solar system emerge from between dimensions Deep Space Five has successfully established a geostationary orbit around the mysterious planet that orbits a yellow sun.

Dubbed Pangaea the M Class planet is approximately 1.2 times the size of Earth – scans, probes and reconnaissance sweeps have established that Pangaea is resource rich, and though all three planets have ruins left by an advanced trans-dimensional space-faring civilization known as the Fae there is no extant sentient life in the system.

Until now the major powers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants have been content to let Starfleet and the Federation operate DS5 in what was a void of extra-solar space on the fringes of Federation territory, all finding our presence a useful and convenient stepping stone for trade and exploration beyond the borders.

Things have changed.

A diplomatic summit has been convened - the Ferengi, Cardassians, Klingons, Romulans, Lissepians, even the mysterious Rowa'ni have sent delegates. But interest in the Pangaea system goes beyond that – DS5 has become a magnet for independent resource strippers and land grabbers keen to exploit what natural resources Pangaea and the rest of the system may conceal.

Until now we’ve utilised the Prime Directive to keep all parties at bay but our time is running out. While our initial teams commenced exploration both above and below the planet’s surface our fighter wings intercepted no fewer than six independent attempts to land survey teams on Pangaea and the other planets in the system.

It is up to the crew of Deep Space Five to manage the conflicting interests of all parties, and ultimately to establish who should inherit these new worlds without the sector descending into war.