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Lieutenant JG Liam Blackwood

Name Liam Nathaniel Blackwood

Position Assistant Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human / El-Alurian
Age 32
Date of Birth 2362

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11:
Weight 75kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Liam Blackwood possesses a commanding presence, standing tall with a lean and athletic build that speaks to his dedication to physical fitness. Liam has captivating blue eyes that seem to shimmer with intelligence and determination, drawing others in with their intensity. His strong jawline is complemented by a well-defined facial structure. Liam's dark hair is neatly styled, adding to his polished appearance.


Mother Seraphina "Sera" Tel'Rin

Personality & Traits

General Overview Liam Blackwood is a captivating individual whose essence is defined by a blend of intelligence, determination, and empathy. Born to a human father and an El Alurian mother, Liam's upbringing instilled in him a deep sense of curiosity and wonder, particularly in the realms of archaeology and space exploration. His mother's brilliance as a scientist and historian paved the way for Liam's own academic pursuits, leading him to excel in fields such as astrobiology and xenoarchaeology. Driven by a relentless desire to uncover the mysteries of the universe and understand his own heritage, Liam's journey is guided by a profound sense of purpose and curiosity.
Strengths & Weaknesses His resilience stands as a beacon of determination, guiding him through even the most challenging of circumstances. Coupled with his adaptability, Liam navigates the ever-shifting tides of space exploration with grace and tenacity, always ready to embrace the unknown. His natural leadership abilities inspire confidence and camaraderie among his peers, fostering a sense of unity and purpose within the crew. Liam's diplomatic finesse shines through in delicate interstellar negotiations, where his empathetic nature and strategic thinking pave the way for successful outcomes. With an unwavering commitment to his goals and a compassionate heart that connects him to others, Liam embodies the best qualities of a Starfleet officer, ready to face the wonders and trials of the cosmos head-on.

Despite his many strengths, Liam grapples with several weaknesses that present ongoing challenges in his journey as a Starfleet officer. His moments of self-doubt, stemming from past setbacks and uncertainties, occasionally cloud his judgment and undermine his confidence. Liam's impulsive tendencies, born from his eagerness to make a positive impact, sometimes lead to hasty decisions with unintended consequences. Moreover, his stubborn streak can hinder collaboration and growth, as he struggles to relinquish control or consider alternative viewpoints. Trust issues stemming from his strained relationship with his mother further compound his interpersonal challenges, making it difficult for him to form deep connections with others. Liam's emotional sensitivity leaves him vulnerable to stress and internal conflicts, affecting his ability to maintain balance and focus amidst the rigors of space exploration. Additionally, the lingering mystery surrounding his father's identity serves as a constant reminder of unresolved issues, casting a shadow over his emotional well-being and sense of closure.
Ambitions Liam Blackwood's professional ambitions drive him to the forefront of space exploration, where he envisions leading groundbreaking missions to uncover the mysteries of the cosmos. As he ascends through the ranks of Starfleet, Liam aspires to attain a high-ranking leadership position, where he can shape the future of interstellar exploration and diplomacy. Alongside his professional goals, Liam harbors deeply personal ambitions, including a desire to reconnect with his mother on a deeper level, fostering a stronger bond and mutual understanding between them. Additionally, he is determined to unravel the mystery of his father's identity, seeking closure and a deeper understanding of his own heritage. In his downtime, Liam indulges in his passion for travel, exploring exotic destinations across the galaxy and immersing himself in diverse cultures and landscapes.
Hobbies & Interests Liam Blackwood's hobbies and interests reflect his insatiable curiosity and passion for exploration. An avid stargazer, Liam finds solace in observing the cosmos, marveling at the beauty of distant stars and celestial phenomena. His love for astronomy extends beyond mere observation, as he often spends his free time conducting research in astrobiology, delving into the mysteries of alien life forms and their potential habitats. With a keen eye for detail and a thirst for knowledge, Liam immerses himself in the study of ancient civilizations, poring over books and documentaries to uncover the secrets of humanity's past. When he's not exploring the depths of space or the annals of history, Liam enjoys embarking on outdoor adventures, hiking through rugged landscapes and photographing the breathtaking vistas that surround him. His hobbies serve not only as sources of enjoyment but also as avenues for personal growth and discovery, reflecting his unwavering commitment to exploration in all its forms.

Personal History Liam Blackwood was born to a human father and an El Alurian mother on the planet Earth in 2362. His childhood was filled with a sense of curiosity and wonder, fueled by his mother's passion for archaeology and history. However, his mother always held back details about his father, leaving Liam with a lingering sense of mystery and longing to uncover his own origins.

Growing up, Liam inherited his mother's intellect and love for exploration. He excelled in his studies, particularly in history, archaeology, and the sciences. He harbored a deep desire to explore the stars, driven by both his passion for discovery and his quest for understanding his own heritage.

After completing his education, Liam had anticipated working alongside his mother, hoping to delve deeper into their shared passion for archaeology and uncovering ancient civilizations. However, a heated argument with his mother regarding his father's identity led to a rift between them. Feeling frustrated and misunderstood, Liam made the difficult decision to distance himself from his mother and pursue his dreams independently.

With a heavy heart but a determined spirit, Liam applied to Starfleet Academy, seeking a new path that would allow him to explore the cosmos and make his mark on the universe. Despite the initial shock and disappointment from his mother, Liam was determined to prove himself and forge his own destiny.

Alongside his skills in history, archaeology, and the sciences that his mother taught him. Liam also holds multiple degrees in Astrobiology and Xenoarchaeology, further enhancing his understanding of alien life forms and ancient civilizations. Additionally, his time at Starfleet Academy provided him with rigorous training in leadership, tactical strategy, and interstellar navigation, and computer science.

Liam’s first assignment aboard a starship was an exhilarating yet challenging experience. As a young officer eager to prove himself, he threw himself into his duties with enthusiasm, relishing the opportunity to apply his knowledge and skills in a real-world setting. However, as the mission progressed, Liam found himself facing unexpected obstacles and encountering situations that tested his resolve.

During his first assignment aboard a starship, USS Providence, Liam found himself thrust into the heart of a momentous first-contact mission with a newly discovered alien civilization. Excited yet apprehensive, he navigated the delicate intricacies of interstellar diplomacy, striving to represent Starfleet with honor and respect. However, as tensions mounted and communication barriers arose, Liam's eagerness to make a positive impression led to misunderstandings that threatened to derail the entire mission. Despite his best efforts to rectify the situation, the gravity of the misunderstanding resulted in Liam being removed from the mission.

The experience shook his confidence to the core, leaving him questioning his abilities and wondering if he had made the right decision in joining Starfleet. The weight of his actions weighed heavily on his conscience as he grappled with feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt.

In the aftermath of his removal from the first-contact mission, Liam found himself grappling with a profound crisis of confidence. Doubt gnawed at him, overshadowing his once unshakeable belief in his abilities as a Starfleet officer. It took time—weeks filled with self-reflection, introspection, and tireless effort—but slowly, Liam began to rebuild the shattered fragments of his confidence.

In a pivotal moment of vulnerability, he reached out to his mother, recognizing that their strained relationship held the key to his own healing. To his surprise and relief, his mother welcomed him with open arms, offering him the unwavering support and guidance he so desperately needed. With her wisdom and encouragement, Liam embarked on a journey of self-discovery, rediscovering the strength and resilience that had always been within him.

During his time aboard the USS Providence, Liam served with unwavering dedication and commitment, earning accolades for his exemplary record and demonstrating remarkable growth as a person and an officer. Despite the initial setback, he proved himself to be a valuable asset to his crewmates, earning their respect and trust through his unwavering determination and unwavering resolve. After four years of service, Liam was transferred to another assignment, eager to embark on new adventures and continue his journey of exploration.

Despite rebuilding his relationship with his mother and finding solace in their renewed bond, the mystery of his father's identity continued to linger, a lingering shadow in the depths of his heart. Though his mother held the key to unlocking this enigma, she remained steadfast in her silence, leaving Liam to ponder the unanswered questions that haunted his past.
Service Record 2385 - 2389: Starfleet Academy
2389 - 2394: USS Providence - Science Officer
2394 - Present: DS5, Maybe?

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