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Civilian 'Key Holder' Dorian Gabriel

Name Dorian Gabriel

Position Discharged Former Chief of Security

Rank Civilian 'Key Holder'

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Believed to be human
Age 62

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 185
Hair Color Black with streaks of gray
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description He appears to be human, however he possess a higher level of speed and strength than most humans, and he can hold his breathe for up to 3 to 6 minutes without suffering brain damage. Additionally, despite his age, he has appeared to show less signs of aging than other humans his age. His shoulders are somewhat on the broad side, though not enough to be remarkable. His body is over-all well toned, due to his constant exercise regimen.

Most commonly he wears the standard uniform of the Raddon Corporation: Consisting of dark grey slacks, black boots, and a long sleeve dress shirt with a casual blazer to wear with it. On the side of the blazer's sleeve is the insignia for the Raddon Corporation indicating that Dorian is a part of the organization as a Security Consultant. When not in uniform, he wears a polo or collared shirt with tan slacks and black or beige loafers to match.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Dorian has learned through his career in investigations that the best way to gather information is through subterfuge. He has a talent for being charming and at times charismatic to those around him and even the subjects of his target. However, he has a strong sense of purpose and doesn't allow anything to stand in the way of completing his assignment, not even friendships or loyalty. His only loyalty is to the Federation.

While on missions, Gabriel can be direct, but can come off as curt and impatient to his fellow officers. He likes to keep people on a "need to know" basis when it isn’t really necessary, or even prudent, to do so. He can seem like a team player, but when it comes down to it, he would sacrifice everyone he’s with to accomplish his goals.
Strengths & Weaknesses Dorian’s biggest flaw is his inability to function well with others. To say that he is not a people person is an understatement. His definitively paternalistic views on Federation policy and his habit of questioning orders make him the least likely candidate for Command positions. It is a reputation that Dorian has tolerated throughout his career. Throughout his career he has questioned the actions of his immediate superior because he believed that they in direct confrontation with established orders, protocol, or Federation policy.
Ambitions Dorian one day wishes to serve in a Command position within the Starfleet. He doesn't desire to be a Starship Commander because of what he perceives to be the common "Space-cowboy" trait amongst most Commanding Officers.

He believes that the true decisions in the fleet are made by those sitting behind the desks, not those foolishly rushing into battle.

Personal History Dorian was raised on Earth. He does not know who his family is or where they came from. He has always been raised with the belief that he was human. He was left at the Bradwell orphanage. Unclaimed by his birth parents; he was raised in Enclave I-6 Middle City, the area known long before as Barbados. As was the custom, he was allowed to choose his own name. He chose Gabriel, hero of the Bell Riots of 2024. Growing up he always recognized that he was slightly different than the other children in physical capabilities, but he always figured that his parents were physically more capable than others, and thus their genes passed down to him.

One particular incident forever stood out in Dorian's past. When he was 9 years old he and several other children at the orphanage were playing in a nearby cove. While playing with the children he was accidentally hit in the face by one of the children and knocked off the edge of a cliff and fell into the nearby lake. The children immediately ran back to get help, however Dorian was knocked unconscious as he hit the water and remained in that condition until he was pulled from the water almost 17 minutes later. The Doctors on the Island could not explain what had allowed him to survive being under water so long without suffering brain damage. The only mark that he had to show for his trouble was what would become a permanent scare across his forehead. It was at that point that Dorian began to question his true origins. In fact, throughout his childhood he would receive visions of a planet and a language that he had never visited or ever knew existed. To this day his true family history remains a mystery to him.

He was a good student that excelled in school. It was his sense of independence that led him towards joining Starfleet Security. During his time in the Academy, he realized that the Federation was a utopia that had many enemies, and in order to protect the paradise, certain measures had to be taken.

His first assignment was in 2372, he was assigned to Security for Admiral Helzing onboard USS Camelot. It was while on board that he discovered a series of restricted subspace pulses being transmitted to an undisclosed location within the nearby nebula. The ship remained in the area for three days and during that time Gabriel continued to notice the strange activity. It was on the last day that he began to investigate the transmissions and realized that the pulses were coded communications being relayed to a subspace relay within the nebula. To make matters worst, he discovered that the source of the transmissions was Commander Hartsfield, the ship's Chief of Security.

He was stuck between the choice of remaining loyal to his Superior Officer and ignoring the situation since there hadn't been any attacks or nearby ships in the area. However, his sense of loyalty to the Federation overrode his loyalty to his Department and he proceeded to investigate the affair. His investigation discovered that the transmissions were to a Klingon Raider that was using the relay to coordinate a series of raids against various Federation Humanitarian caravans into Cardassia. It was discovered that the Commander had a deep-seated hatred for the Cardassians and saw the Federation aid to the ravaged people as being a slap in the face to those who died in the DMZ.

Officially he was commended for his actions, however, he was deemed the black sheep amongst his fellow officers onboard. He continued to serve in his official capacity despite the feelings of angst and resentment from his fellow crewmembers. However, Dorian recognized that his actions as an Officer were to protect the Federation as a whole, and not to just maintain the status quo.

The Dominion War began a year later in 2373 and brought about change in Dorian's life. The USS Camelot was immediately assigned to the 7th Fleet in the Tyra system shortly after the Second Battle of Deep Space 9. Of that Fleet comprising 112 ships, only 14 returned safely to Federation territory. Unfortunately, the Camelot was not one of those. In the closing battles of the surprise engagement, the Camelot took on two Dominion vessels while the remaining Fleet performed a general retreat. The Camelot took heavy fire and was forced to crash land on the third planet on the system of the 123 officers onboard, only 43 survived the crash. Along with them, 1 Galor-class Cruiser was forced to crash as well, killing all hands onboard. The 2nd vessel was a Jem'Hadar cruiser that crashed and retained a significant number of troops. Dorian and the surviving crew members recognized that their only chance of survival was to capture the Cardassian vessel and access its communication system and radio for rescue before the crew of the Jem'Hadar vessel was able to do the same.

Dorian and his surviving crew mates spent the next 6 days locked in a bloody struggle with the other Jem'Hadar force as they attempted to gain enough ground to capture the vessel. Dorian learned more about survival and warfare in those 6 days than at any other time in his 24 years of life. The crew of the Camelot was finally able to capture the downed vessel, but when the Federation rescue arrived, only Dorian and 27 other Officers from the original crew made it off the blood-soaked planet.

He was eventually transferred back to Starfleet Headquarters to serve as a Security Investigation Officer for Starfleet Intelligence. The Federation was concerned about infiltration from Founders and began to increase its internal security procedures. Dorian appreciated the move since it allowed him to be planet-based near the central-hub of the Federation where the real decisions were made, not amongst the "Space-Cowboys" of the Fleet. He served in that capacity throughout the duration of the War and was present during the Raid on San Francisco that cost the Federation over 126 lives in the brief, but deadly attack.

By 2376, the Treaty of Bajor had been ratified and the Federation began to heal from its devastated wounds. Dorian was tapped by Starfleet Intelligence to serve as a part of the Federation Embassy Security detail on Qo'Nos. His official role during his 3 years on the planet was a Starfleet Security Officer; however, his unofficial role involved investigations under Captian Artemis Pierce off the USS Nemesis as an intelligence asset during an investigation into a Cardassian smuggling ring.

Eventually, Dorian was transferred to Deep Space Five where he served as the Chief Intelligence Officer. During his tenure he helped investigate the failed assassination attempt on the then-Station Commander Tasha Tahir. He eventually was offered the position of Chief of Station Security after the loss of its Nausicaan Chief. Dorian never had a good relationship with the Nausicaan on account of the fact that Dorian did not believe her people were trust-worthy enough to wear a Starfleet uniform let alone be in charge of an installation's safety.

His experience as a Security Officer provided him with a sufficient foundation to perform his investigations without having to rely on much assistance from other crew members, much to the chagrin and annoyance of his Superior Officers. At the end of the day, Dorian's guiding principle was that his sense of Justice is only outweighed by his loyalty to the Federation.

In 2388, Dorian's career came to a screeching halt. He faced a court-martial that had been orchestrated through Romulan influence. 12 years prior in 2376, Dorian's then-fiance was brutally murdered while serving on a joint Starfleet-Romulan research facility. Dorian always believed that the Romulan Doctor, Dr. Kur'ann, was responsible for her murder. Dorian brought his accusations to the Doctor and eventually ended up in a physical confrontation with the Romulan before he was placed in confinement.

The Romulan Doctor was subsequently found murdered alone with his Nausicaan bodyguard. Dorian was immediately arrested for the murder, but no charges were ever brought due to lack of evidence. However, nearly 12 years later, the Romulan Ambassador for DS5 used her influence within both the Federation and Romulan governments to bring charges against the Starfleet Officer. The trial was swift and effective in killing Dorian's career. While he was found not guilty of murder, he was found guilty of Conduct Unbecoming of an Officer. He was immediately stripped of his rank and removed from Starfleet.

Just like that, his entire career was taken away from him unceremoniously and without regard for his years of dedication and service. Dorian took it to heart and believed that he was the target of a Romulan conspiracy that was aided and abetted by a complicient Chain of Command. More importantly an non-Human Chain of Command.

Dorian spent the next couple of years wondering throughout Federation space accepting small-time investigation and security consulting jobs. It was not until fate just happened to bring him back to Deep Space 5 that he came in contact with the Founder and CEO of Raddon Corporation, Melvyn Raddon. Their relationship grew from the initial conversation. Melvyn recognized Dorian's desire to fight for Humanity in a way that Starfleet was too afraid to admit. Melvyn recognized that Dorian had been unfairly dismissed by Starfleet was looking for a new direction in his life. Dorian found that direction as the Lead Security Consultant for Raddon Corporation's Obsidian Sector.
Service Record 2372 - 2374 - USS Camelot - Security Officer
2374 - 2375 - Starfleet Headquarters - Security Investigation Officer for Starfleet Intelligence
2375 - 2378 - Starfleet Assignment - USS Nemesis - Classified
2378 - 2382 - Deep Space Five - Chief Intelligence Officer
2382 - 2388 - Deep Space Five - Chief Security Officer
2388 - 2390 - Removed from active duty, stripped of rank of Lieutenant Commander, and discharged from Starfleet
2390 - - Serves as Lead Security Consultant for Raddon Corporation's Obsidian Sector

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