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Captain Maritza Soran

Name Maritza Soran

Position Station Commander

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill (unjoined)
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 130lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Her most identifying mark is her trill spots, which are deeper than most of her species, forming a wide band around her face, which carries on down her body, giving an almost leopard print type look, though the spots themselves are quite pale.

She keeps her long hair in braids which are pinned up so carefully, they are practically welded on. She is rarely seen out of uniform.

Maritza keeps herself at regulation fitness, and is therefore slender and toned, without being overly so


Spouse None
Children None
Father Darag Rell (Joined Trill)
Mother Tonza Soran (unjoined)
Brother(s) Arjin (unjoined)
Sister(s) none
Other Family Selin Freen (paternal uncle, unjoined)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Maritza finds the idea that a trill is only a whole person if joined to a symbiont offensive. She has dedicated her whole life to proving you don't have to have a symbiont to be a worthy person, and has become almost obsessive in becoming the best she can be.
Strengths & Weaknesses Will see something through no matter what, determined to be better than best.

Sensitive about being unjoined, irritated by joined trill going on about previous incarnations. Can be intense about succeeding. An unkind soul might say she has a stick up her arse. Her desperate need to prove herself can lead her to be pushed into rash actions, once her temper gets the better of her.
Ambitions Ultimately to push for social revolution on trill to break the hold of the symbionts. To do that she believes she needs some good experiences to prove that unjoined trill are just as capable and competent in half a life time as any joined trill with seven or eight under their belts, which means gathering a full and detailed resume of successes, and helping other unjoined trill do the same. As a result, she feels recent events of the last few years keenly, and is a little bit sensitive about them.
Hobbies & Interests Politics and current events, Learning more and more skills that can help her advance both within in Starfleet, and in her long term goal of reducing the influence of the symbionts. To relax she enjoys swimming and hawking, though whilst on board ship that is limited to time in the holodecks. She also secretly loves trashy bodice ripper style fiction. But she'd die before she admits it.

Personal History Maritza was not just the only daughter of Darag Rell, but the only one ever born to the Rell symbiont in ten lifetimes. Knowing he is probably on his last or nearly last host as his own five-hundred year life was catching up with him, the desire to give his daughter the best was incredibly strong in the Rell symbiont, and as a result in Darag himself. Maritza wanted for nothing as a young girl, but as she grew older, she became aware that her father's definitoin of 'best' was joining with another symbiont. At first she wanted it too, but as she grew older she came to the conclusion that unless she joined, she'd be a failure in her father's eye. Her older brother Arjin, who had no intention of joining was often given short shrift by their father, who barely seemed to acknowledge him

Over time she began to resent the implication that an unjoined trill was half a person, a second class citizen, she looked at the history of the trill, and decided the nature of joining was both holding back the entire species, and too valued for its own good. If trill was going to change, the value of a joining had to be questioned. As her application for joining was being submitted by her father, she came up with her own plan.

She worked harder than ever, training her body and mind, achieving her commission, and qualifications from the Trill science ministry in xeno-linguistics, communications technology and technical engineering. Her field docent was so impressed he recommended she be joined as soon as a suitable symbiont was available. That day came not long after, and when the summons to the Symbiosis commission arrived, she went along, and very publicly turned down the offer of joining, denouncing the whole symbiosis system as elitist to the point of destruction, and called on unjoined trill to make more effort, and not leave their lives in the hands of "a bucket of worms who can't get out of their primordial soup without our help"
Service Record 2382 Entered Starfleet academy
2385 Graduated Starfleet Academy
2385 Communications Officer, USS Sunderland
2387 Operations officer, Starbase 92
2388 Assistant Chief of Operations, USS Hera
2389 Chief of Operations, USS Serenity
2389 Chief of Operations USS Regent
2389 Chief of Operations USS Onedin
2390 Chief of Operations, IKS D'ama
2392 Chief of Strategic Operations, DS5
2393 Commanding Officer, DS5

After a glittering start, her posting on the Serenity was a her first real setback to her plans to lead a stellar career within Starfleet. Her first mission on taking up her post on the Serenity ended with the loss of the ship. Exploring a dangerous nebula, the Serenity discovered a space station that showed evidence of Kzinti attack. Before they knew what was happening, the nebula became supercharged with radiation. The Serenity was overcome in short order. The crew was only saved by the senior staff leading the evacuation pods out of the nebula, whilst the Captain stayed aboard to use what remained of the Serenity's shields as a buffer, before using a buffered pulse of energy from the nacelles to give the escape pods and shuttles a much needed boost out of the radiation soaked cloud.

Maritza takes the loss of the Serenity personally, and is convinced that if she'd been quicker, or smarter (or more experienced) that she'd have been able to prevent the unpreventable.

Following a short leave, she was reassigned to the USS Regent just days before the commencement of a category H inspection. During the posting she became intimate with the Marine CO, Caleb Danvers, a man with a long and dark history. In challenging the accusations against him, she came up against a political conspiracy that reached into the heart of the Federation. Eventually Caleb was cleared, but her involvement was not appreciated. At first put on leave to recover from injuries sustained during the final showdown, she was then something of an embarrassment to Starfleet command. Her actions meant she should be commended, but she had been involved in the humbling of a lot of egos, and that does not go without consequences.

As a results she was reassigned to the worst posting they could find for her, the USS Onedin, an ancient survey vessel unkindly referred to as USS Oubliette, a turn for her career which she saw as pretty much ending it. however, she was wrong. During the Kzinti war, the USS Onedin was attacked, and Soran was captured by a group of Kzinti seeking to understand why Terran females were sentient. The discovery that she was not in fact Terran nearly led to her death, if not for the timely arrival of the IKS D'ama, the Klingon vessel that was a diplomatic secondment to the Federation, and crewed by both Klingons and Federation citizens. Far from home, the Federation awarded her the ribbon of sacrifice, and assigned her to the D'ama as their Chief of Operations, where she was instrumental in asssting the D'ama's raid on the Kzinti shipyards that brought the war to an early conclusion

At the conclusion of the Kziniti war she was debriefed at Starfleet headquarters and awarded the purple heart. Following another brief leave, she requested a more politically influenced role, and was assigned to Deep Space Five as its Chief of Strategic Operations, to liaise and assist Starfleet activity in the area, a position seen as vitally important as now the Station was commanded by the Romulan noblewoman, Isha T'Vaurek

In 2393 both t'Vaurek, and the XO left the station at the same time, and command was passed to Soran, leaving her, relatively young and inexperienced, in charge of one of the largest stations in the Federation.

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Duty Shift Beta Shift (1400~ 2000)

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