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Posted on Tue Apr 13, 2021 @ 9:48pm by Captain Maritza Soran

Hey Everyone

Lots of shinies this month

From Theta fleet we picked up Gold Unit of Merit, Thom was awarded Player of the Month, and We all picked up post of the Month for Home Front

We also picked up Sim of the Quarter, and Thom also got Player of the Quarter.

There's also a a whole bushel of sim awards that went out:

Antagonist Award - Thom/Hydel Turvan
Heart of the Tiger - Chris/Colonel Means
Flying Cross - Bill/Tam Haican
Departmental Service: Command - Matt/Caleb Ryan
Creativity Award - Charlie/Alanna
Crew’s Choice - Stuart/T’lul
Crews Choice - Notty/Maritza Soran

Long Service: 5 years - Brian/Annora Tessaro
Long Service: 2 years - Rich/ Jason Haines
Long Service: 3 Years - Chris/ Colonel Means

It was lovely to see so many nominations from people other than me, so pelase don't hesitate to recommend your fellow players (or even yourself) for an award.

Congratulations everyone!


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